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                首頁 > 英文報告> Investment and Forecast Report on China Solar Photovoltaic Building Industry, 2012-2016

                Investment and Forecast Report on China Solar Photovoltaic Building Industry, 2012-2016


                Investment and Forecast Report on China Solar Photovoltaic Building Industry, 2012-2016

                【關 鍵 詞:】

                Report on China Solar Photovoltaic Building Industry

                【英文╳版價格∩:】USD 4800

                Solar building in China has undergone decades of development. During 1950s-1960s, the initial construction of solar building in China was solar house, which used passive technology to meet people’s basic needs. At present, the solar technology develops active technology besides passive technology, which is manifested in the two aspects of solar photothermal utilizing and solar photovoltaic utilizing.
                  Solar photothermal technology in China is widely used with good basis of industrialization and commercialization. However, solar photovoltaic technology is not as popular as photothermal because of its higher costs.
                  Currently in Jiangsu, Shandong, Hebei, Hainan, Yunnan Province, and Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Dalian, it has begun to compulsorily carry out solar water heating system in newly-built residential buildings, office buildings, schools, hospitals and hotels which are lower than 12-storey.
                  If you want to have an systematic understanding of solar building or invest in solar building, Investment and Forecast Report on China Solar Photovoltaic Building Industry, 2012-2016 is a must tool.


                Chapter Ⅰ Summary of Solar Building
                  1.1 Introduction of solar building
                  1.2 Passive solar house
                  1.3 Residential energy-saving design
                  1.4 Solar building and energy saving
                Chapter Ⅱ Development analysis of Solar Building
                  2.1 Development overview of solar building
                  2.2 Construction of domestic and international solar energy community
                  2.3 Problems existing in the development of solar building and strategies
                Chapter Ⅲ Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV)
                  3.1 Summary of BIPV
                  3.2 Development overview of BIPV
                  3.3 Examples and application of BIPV
                  3.4 Problems existing in BIPV extension and strategies
                Chapter Ⅳ Solar Building Development in Partial Areas
                  4.1 Shandong Province
                  4.2 Hebei Province
                  4.3 Guangdong Province
                  4.4 Other areas
                Chapter Ⅴ Combination of Solar Water Heater and Building
                  5.1 Summary of the combination of solar water heater and building
                  5.2 Application of solar photothermal devices in buildings
                  5.3 Combination technology of solar water heater and building
                  5.4 Problems existing in the combination of solar water heater and building and development strategies
                Chapter Ⅵ Combination of Solar Air Conditioning , Photovoltaic Generation and Building
                  6.1 Solar air conditioning technology market of building integration
                  6.2 Examples of the combination of solar air conditioning and building
                  6.3 Combination of photovoltaic generation and building
                Chapter Ⅶ Solar Building-related Enterprises
                  7.1 Shandong Linuo Paradigma Co., Ltd
                  7.2 Himin Group
                  7.3 Beijing Tianpu Solar Energy Group
                Chapter Ⅷ Investment and Prospect Trend Analysis of Solar Building in China
                  8.1 Investment environment analysis of solar photovoltaic building in China
                  8.2 Investment problems of solar building in China
                  8.3 Prospect trend analysis of solar building

                Contents of Chart:
                Chart BIPV roofs
                Chart Schematic diagram of solar heating / domestic hot water system
                Chart Scene of Jiangjunguanxin Village, Pinggu District, Beijing
                Chart Household solar water heating project classification
                Chart Technical parameters of solar energy heat-collection plates
                Chart Economic analysis of water heaters in different energy forms



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